woensdag 18 mei 2011

Oh Yeah!


Today I went off to the shop!
I bought 4 new polishes!! happy me.
All 4 from Catrice.

But I had a really big problem! Where should I put them?? Because there's no more space at the box.
So I was looking and looking and looking..
And then I saw a great plastic box! A cheap one to! so I bought 2 of them.
Ofcourse I have some pic's.


The 4 new colors I bought (L)

Blue Cara Ciao, number 400
Sold out forever, number 240
Let's Mauve On! number 140
Sand Fransisco, number 450

And my 2 lovely boxes:D
I really like them.

The stuff inside.

And ofcourse all of my polish!
Plenty enough space now!

Tomorrow I'll up-date a blog about how I take care of my nails and hands!
See you then!

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