maandag 16 mei 2011

My collection

Hii everyone!

I've counting my nailpolish.
And... ramdadamramdadam.. I've 47 polishes!
And ofcourse, for you I have taken some photo's.
Not only the polishes, but also the other stuff I use.

This are my nailpolish removers. They work really great and are not so expensive.
Both are from the Netherlands, one I bought at the Etos and the other at The Kruidvat.

Here are the art stuff I have.
It's not much, but it is a beginning. And ofcourse the things to make my nails look better;)

Left stickers to decorate you'r nails, and right the tops for a frence manicure.

I have 3 image plates from Essence, and ofcourse things to work with.

Because our house is in a renovation, I can't lay them somewhere in a closet or something.
So i use this make-up box. It all fit's pretty well...(haha)

So here are my first polishes. The first 2 are from Maybelinne nummber 06 pure gold and 84.Then we have 3 colors from Astor the blue one called 'Diamand Sensation' 949, the light brown called 60 sec one coat 280 and the dark brow called 60 sec one coat 024.
The last 2 are from Miss Sporty, these have no number or name.

To continue I have 3 others from Miss Sporty a Pink Sparkel, another blue and a blanc one.
Next we have a base coat and a top coat from MAX (not max factor).
And I have a gold sparkel one from Theater (one of my first poillish)
A lovely pink pearlshell from D.A.
And the last 2 are from Essence The pink one is called 'Ultimate pink' number 08, and the red one is called 'Ready for action' number 10.

Those polishes are all from Essence.
The first one is a Glitter topper called 'Julia' number 02.
the purple one is called 'Dress to party' number 42.
Then I have 2 black ones called 'Fatal' number 20.
And now I have again a lovely pink pearlshell called 'Princesses Rule!' number 56
The next three are Limit Edition black called 'I love my jeans' number 02.
Pink is called 'High waist pink', number 01.
Blue is called 'My boyfriends jeans', number 03.
The last 2 are from the Frence Manicure, the first one called 'Pink glam', number 03, and the second called 'Rose glam', number 02.

The first 2 are from Creation Lamis, the blue one is number 323, the purple one is numberless..
The third polish is a own maked one. I have bought some topcoat, and put in this some eyelid powder (or how you may call it..) It's a beautiful green color.
Next  I have 2 colors from Etos blue/purple is number 35, and the black one is number 30.
I have one tip whitener from Rimmel London, this one is used for Frence Manicure.
A really lovely color silver from Yo Yo (young and Orginal), number and nameless.
A Collection 2000 nail polish called 'Flammable', number 188.
And the last one. I get this one for free at a magazin, no names or numbers, but this one is really nice!

And one of my favorite brands is Catrice.
The first one is 60 seconds nail couture called 'Black Burgundy', number 130.
Two 'Big Spender Wanted', number 150.
Three 'Raspberry Fields Forever', number 360.
Four 'Iron Mermaiden', number 490.
Fifth 'Don't feed the birds', number 010.
Six 'From dusk to dawn', number 200.
Seven 'It blue my mind!', number 270.
Eight 'I sea you!', number 250.
Nine  'bloody mary to go', number 060.
Ten 'Clay-Ton, my hero', number 230.
Eleven 'The devil wears red', number 090.
Twelve 'Poison me poison you', number 110.

All the colors together.

And again.


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