maandag 23 mei 2011

Catrice - Sold Out Forever

Well hello everyone!

Now I'll show you a new color I got last week.
It's  a color from Catrice, and it's called 'Sold Out Forever'.
I think Catrice is a really nice brand!
The colors are really beautiful, and it's cheap too!

First I wanna say that my nails are really short!
That's because of my work, but I'll let it grow!
And this is the first time in I think 5 months that i wear really good polish, top and base coats.
So my nails have to get used on my manicure, because I didn't do that in the 5 months either.
That's why my nails are not looking that great.

First I use a base coat.
When I didn't use a base coat, the nailpolish was very soon of my nails.
So I thought I can try it. So from that moment I use a base and top coat from MAX!
It's not a populair brand, and it's really cheap.
Like €0,59!
And it works awesome good! My polish will now stay around 5/6 days, and it dry's within 30 seconds!
Doesn't matter if i'm doing the laundry, or the dishes, it stays on!

Well here it is! Without the top coat, after 3 days!
Catrice - Sold Out Forever!
I fell in love with the color!
It's like mint green, and the color fits really good with the spring I think!
The polish is not to thin and not to thick, it's just good as it is!

What do you think about the color?

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