maandag 23 mei 2011

How I take care for my nails and hands

Hello everyone!

Today I'll show you how I take care for my nails and hands.
So enjoy the photoshooting!

First you have to clean your hands very good!
I use Uni Cura, it's a great soap:)

Next you have to remove all the old polish, and remove it really good;)
We don't want to have bad looking nails.

So, almost all the polish is gone!

After I have removed the polish I use some handlotion/creme.

Be carefull, don't use too much, it won't get in your skin..

Now my hands are feeling soft!
With this thing I put my cuticle fater away, so my nail looks bigger.

Now I file my nails. Just make sure you are going one way, and not from left to right, because then you destroy you're nail.

Well now it's time to polish!
I'll show you in another blog a new nailpolish!

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