zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Vacation is over.... But alot of new polishes bought!

Hi everyone!

My vacation ends tomorrow =[
But I have a wonderful vacation, a week spend in Paris, and 2 weeks at home.
Time fly's by...

But I bought ofcourse some polishes!
3 in Paris, and the other's near home.

To begin with the 3 from Paris:

O.P.I. - Diva Of Geneva
It's a really nice color. Purple, with shiny gold^^

Sinful colors - Lets Talk

The real color of this polish is really hard to photograph.
But it has a little shimmer in it.
I never have seen a color like this one, and I fell in love with it^^
This is my first one from Sinful Colors, and from O.P.I. it's also my first one.

And the last one I bought in Paris, is a topcoat from Sephora.
It's called Purple Jewelry.
And they are FLAKIES!! Yaay, happy me.
I tried it in the shop on my black polish, and I could'nt get my eye's off it.

The picture is not that sharp. And this little bottle cost me €5,00.
But I'm happy I took it with me.

And now the lovely polishes I bought in my village.

Catrice - Lost in mud 220

This is one of the colors that's going out.
And i thought that I owend this color a long time, but after searching in my stash I didn't find it.
So I bought it in the sale^^ You don't hear me complain^^
I'm a really big fan of the Autum, and I think this color would match it perfectly^^

And I have bought more colors from Catrice who are going out.
The next one is called after me.

Catrice - ASHley 610

It's a really grey color. I don't think it will be looking great all alone, but mabye with some stamping it will be nice^^
But I'll swatch it in some time, just like all the others.

Next is also one from Catrice.
Catrice - Sing: Hey, dirty-Lilah! 630

Dirty-Lilah is a real soft light grey/lilac color with some shimmer in it.
I don't like bright light colors, but I like this one, because there is some shimmer in it.
With alot of polishes the shimmer isn't publicing on the nails, so I'm really curious if this one will do.

And the last one from Catrice.
Catrice Limited Edition Coolibri - Exotica C04.

Exotica is a bright neon orange color. I get a real summer feeling from this one.
I really don't like orange polish, but this one stole my heart.
You can see a swatch on my blog.

Then I've bought my first matte topcoat from Miss Sporty.
I'm really curious how it will look at my nails.

And the last 2 are from Essence:
43 Where is the party?

This is a nice duochrome purple color. And I don't know why, but if I look at it, I can't get my eye's of it.

And the last one
72 Time for romance.

I don't know yet if this is a topcoat or a full polish. But I think just a topcoat.
There are alot of sparkles in there, from large to small.
And I don't know what to expect from it yet.
Time will see.

So that's wat I bought this vacation^^

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  1. The last essence sparkly one is definitely a full polish, it goes on really thick and is lovely. GOOD HAUL!

  2. Thanks! I'm really curious about that one! I saw a swatch of this one, and they used it as topcoat. But no matter how it looks wow!

  3. Leuk :-)

    Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster Award.

    Neem gerust een kijkje op:

    Veel succes!

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    1. Thank you Shannara!
      Hopelijk binnenkort weer echt tijd om te updaten en te swatchen.
      Ook komt er een lijst met lakjes die ik heb