woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Oktober - November Limited edition Bohemia Catrice

Hello Bloggers!

Today I let you see a new limited edition from Catrice.
In this limited edition we have 4 lovely colors nailpolish.

C01 Yes, You Tan
C02 Bring me Terra Copper!
C03 Looking Sunkissed
C04 Be Indiglow!
What I think of the colors is that I like them alot!
But... I also think that red and blue are the colors in alot of limited editions of Catrice.
Mabye they should put some other colors in it, like green, pink, yellow or so.
After all, I have bought the blue and the red one, haha.
And I have to say that I like the design on the top.

Now I see this picture I like the brown color very much!

Here are some swatches!
Yes You Tan!

Bring me terra copper!

Looking Sunkissed.

Be Indiglow!

The photo's are not mine, but I wanted to let you all see how beautifull the colors are!
If I have the time, I will let you see my own swatches!

What do you think of the new limited edition? Do you agree that the blue and the red are in alot of limited editions of Catrice?

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